Download the complete UNITY Plan [pdf] What if Atlantic Yards is not built? What if it's only partly built? What then?
The UNITY Plan for Brooklyn's Vanderbilt Yards

It's Not a Done Deal

Although approved in the closing hours of former Gov. Pataki's administration, The Forest City Ratner Project (FCR) has continued to meet with intense community opposition, is facing lawsuits over issues of eminent domain and environmental review, is tied up in court, and has yet to address the long-term issues raised by community groups: transportation, environmental quality, security, public subsidies, and truly affordable housing and job development. The project will likely never be developed as proposed, and certainly not by the target year of 2016.

If only the first phase gets built--the arena and associated towers--they could permanently scar the rest of the area and produce acres of ugly surface parking for decades to come. This is why there must be another alternative. The long history of failed projects, whether from financial reversals or the erosion of community support, proves that IT'S NOT A DONE DEAL.

Design Team:

Marshall Brown, AIA Associate
Anna Dietzsch
Alex Felson

Conor Brady
Julianne Gola
Adam Grosshans
Laura Mosca
Caity Osborn
Megan Painter
Michael Robitz

Special Thanks to:

Hunter College CCPD
Council of Brooklyn Neighborhoods
Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn
University of Cincinnati SAID

Urban Planners:

Dr. Tom Angotti
Ronald Shiffman, FAICP, Hon. AIA

There are better ways to develop the Vanderbilt Yards.

UNITY'S Planning Principles:
  • CONNECT Prospect Heights, Fort Greene and other neighborhoods

  • Develop at a HUMAN SCALE and density

  • Promote DIVERSITY AND VITALITY in urban design

  • Create and preserve AFFORDABLE HOUSING


  • Create JOBS for Brooklyn residents

  • Create truly usable and accessible PUBLIC SPACES

  • Guarantee an OPEN PLANNING PROCESS, with transparency and accountability
Download the complete UNITY Plan [pdf]

The UNITY plan offers 1500 units of housing distributed over 8 acres.

Units of housing currently on the market will remain and additional units can be made available through adaptive reuse.

60% of all units will be permanently affordable to Brooklyn residents and all will be built on site. This creates 900 affordable units compared to the 315 affordable units in phase one of the FCR plan.

To support the housing and create a vibrant community, this community based plan includes schools, senior services, child care, recreation as well as new retail space.

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